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Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Aki Hoshino [DGC]

Getting a little more creative with my collages here. Anyway this is a great set by DGC i can't complain and i have to say when i started this blog i was indifferent about Aki Hoshino but now i really do love her one of my favorite idols now.


Nozomi Takeuchi, Chased into Corner

Well since her debut on the blog last week due to me neglecting to use my eyeballs to see if she was there here is a new set by her. The name of the set is Chased into Corner. Why? I dont know makes little sense to me either but hey at least its more Nozomi.


Sayuki Matsumoto Two sets

Alright well im starting to clear out most of my galleries now of the oldest stuff and making room for the new stuff coming in. there were two sets here of Sayuki that were pretty small so i just combined them.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nozomi Takeuchi Debut

Two words. DAT ASS!. That ass indeed well here is a new idol to the blog that just happens to be new by accident. Originally i was posting this set and thinking to myself man i need more Nozomi on the blog and when i went to put the Nozomi tag in nothing came up. I proceeded to "wtf" and then realized i had like 6 sets and not one of them was posted, Shame on me. Anyway heres the debut of Nozomi Takeuchi another one of japans fine gravure idols. Most of her shoots are a little more risque than most but hey i wont complain one bit.


Risa Shimamoto Adult

Thursday update time children. Starting out with a new Risa Shimamoto set entitled Adult. The title puzzles me a bit because despite it being called Adult Risa still looks like a girl out of high school, but hey that's what her charm is all about that totally innocent schoolgirl vibe. Anyway awesome set.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Yoko sets

Its Thursday morning where I live and im still awake so you know what that means, update time. Well it seems in the last post I jumped the gun a few posts its true I have hit over 50 filesets now of gravure content but not 50 posts all the same i still think its an achievement. Anyway, I combined two sets into one as both of them only had about 30-35 pictures each so i decided rather than release two separate id release them both in the same pack. Also just as something fun a picture of a poster I had printed that is now gracing my wall, gotta say worth every damn penny i paid.


Friday, November 7, 2008

50 Posts Hit. Yoko Matsugane set.

Wow, its hard to believe but already its been 50 different Gravure posts. This blog is shaping up much the way I wanted it to. So to commemorate this occasion I have to give props to the woman who started it all for me in the Gravure world, Yoko Matsugane. Without her drawing me in I really doubt any of this could be possible so I have to thank her for that at least. Anyway sorry this is on a really early morning Saturday post instead of a Friday one. I was up all night finishing this set and ridding it of watermarks just because Yoko deserves so much more.

Enjoy. Thank you to those who stuck around even if im slow as hell getting stuff out.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Yoko Matsugane

Its Thursday and you know what that means, a new update. Well this is a small update today because I'm over at a buddies house and it was kind of a seat of the pants thing so i decided id bring along a little something to wet your appetite while i was here. I felt this week id do the queen of Gravure some justice because i have been ignoring any and all of her sets in the past while with all the new Idols on the blog as well as the GWP. Something small but something good more to come tommorow.